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Ideas of how to dress for each type of wedding (the guests)

Posted by: Martino on May 27, 2021
Photography Fran Ortiz

Did they invite you to one? wedding And you do not know what clothes to wear? The first thing you need to find out is what type of wedding will be, since there are certain dress protocols according to each occasion. 

The first thing to take into account is whether the invitation mentions the type of clothing suggested for the celebration, in order to respect what is suggested in this way, regardless of what is indicated, it is a casual or formal event, etc. You must respect the guidelines indicated.

If the invitation does not mention the type of clothing for the event, it must be carefully reviewed in order to capture the type of celebration, that is, the time and place where it will be held, including the time of year and until the presentation of the invitation will give you signs of the party style, if it is etiquette, casual, formal, etc.

Certain basic rules of protocol to consider


It is extremely important to know that if you receive a invitation to a wedding, you should never present yourself with a white dress or similar shades, since that color is reserved for the bride, even if she chooses another tone.

Long dresses

They are reserved for evening events, so if it is a daytime celebration, avoid wearing long gowns unless the bride asks for it.

Photography Alberto Ramirez


Make sure that in terms of the accessories you decide to use, it is only one that stands out, for example, the earrings, while the others are presented in minimal expression or simply do not include them.

Avoid looking overloaded with necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings all together.


Opt to carry a small bag where you carry the basics, such as your mobile, lipstick and keys. Avoid damaging your look with a huge bag loaded with unnecessary things for the occasion.

As for the shoes, try to wear ones that, in addition to being beautiful, offer you comfort throughout the event, also the style will depend on the dress code and the place where the celebration takes place.

Another important fact, never ever wear sandals with transparent stockings, if you want to show off tanned or prettier legs, you can opt for makeup with a tanning effect or mixed with moisturizing lotions.


Aim for the safe, when in doubt about what to wear for the wedding day, select a nice dress according to the occasion, that will never leave you wrong.

Photography Eduardo Blanco

Necklines and lengths

Remember at all times that the protagonist of the wedding It is the bride, therefore, we must avoid overshadowing her moment, so it will not be good to wear too short or flashy outfits.

If we want to show off a neckline, it must be discreet. As for the length of the dresses, the recommended thing will be three to four fingers above the knee. Avoid wearing very flashy accessories.

If it is an ecclesiastical wedding, the shoulders should not be exposed.

The black

You can dress in black if it is to your liking, the interesting thing will be to include accessories in other tones or metallic to provide a festive and not so dark touch

Make up and hairstyle

Avoid exaggeration and look recharged, try to make it look natural and elegant. You should also take into account the time and place where the event will take place. If it is at night, the makeup should highlight some part of the face, for example, the eyes, trying to use a softer tone on the lips and vice versa.

bridesmaid dresses
Photography Marc Prades

How to dress according to the type of wedding

casual wedding

When we refer to a casual wedding it does not mean that we can go in jeans, shorts or sportswear. These types of events are generally associated with civil weddings carried out on the day, whose clothing must be under the following recommendations:

As for the woman, she can wear some of the bandage dresses or one of a casual style, a short skirt or you can even opt for pants or overalls. It is advisable to wear simple, inconspicuous accessories and comfortable high-heeled shoes

For men, you can wear a relaxed style without being sloppy, for example, dress pants with a casual long-sleeved shirt and casual shoes.

wedding guest dresses
Photography Jose Ignacio Ruiz Photo instants

cocktail wedding

This is a somewhat more formal dress code, generally it will be an event in the day or in the afternoon.

Women can opt for some of the bohemian dresses, or if you wish you can opt for a short dress, or a skirt combined with a pretty blouse. You must wear heels and accessories according to the occasion.

As for men, they should wear dress pants, a shirt and depending on the place and the weather, add a blazer. No tie required.

inside this type of weddings enter the beach weddings, which despite being carried out in an open and beach environment must observe a certain protocol, what will be important is to take into account that the footwear is how and according to the place, as well as the style of makeup and hairstyle, which may be more cool and relaxed. 

formal wedding

These are elegant evening events that require more attention to the clothes that we are going to use. We must always consider the place where the celebration will take place, particularly for the footwear that we will wear, since if it is a room we can wear stiletto heels, but if it is outdoors we must opt ​​for footwear that is also beautiful and elegant, comfortable.

For women, it is recommended to wear long or midi dresses, keep in mind that you must wear a formal style. You can include fabrics with glitter and rhinestones, with makeup and hairstyles according to the look.

Suit and tie, but it is important to use more formal and elegant fabrics and finishes than everyday suits.

As for men, they should wear a suit with a tie, different from those for daily use, with a more formal appearance.


When being invited to an event whose dress code indicates "Etiquette" we must be clear that it is about total elegance and we must be strict with the clothes we select.

Women should wear a long and elegant dress, fine heels, fine accessories and chords that do not clash. As for styling, makeup and hairstyle should be very well cared for, focused on enhancing the dress and presentation.

If dress code It is "rigorous etiquette". The dresses must be in dark colors, with voluminous skirts that highlight the elegance.

For men it is essential to wear a tuxedo. If it is a question of "rigorous etiquette", men must wear Frac.

Una wedding It is a unique and unrepeatable moment, which is why, when it comes to being invited, it is better to wear the best clothes from our closet that go hand in hand with the occasion. these cool tips on how to dress for each type of wedding they will be of real help to you. Adjust your wardrobe to the type of wedding and you will dazzle, but remember, it should not be as much as the bride. Success! 

dresses for a wedding
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