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Solidarity gifts for your wedding

Posted by: florence on February 8, 2021

Kindness is the ability to feel empathy for others, this wonderful virtue elevates us as people. To write this post I was inspired by the story of a friend. She told me how happy she was at her wedding when she was able to raise the funds necessary to send a container of food supplements to a remote community in Guatemala.

With his partner and the complicity of a friend, they planned a performance with glasses and crystal balls, when they turned them they made a particular sound and the guests in this way felt part of a good cause. It was a hit with the guests.

ideas for a sustainable wedding
Moment of solidarity performance

During the pandemic we had time to reflect. For once we have all experienced a common misfortune, we learned that collaboration is essential for survival. By contributing to humanitarian organizations you can help improve the quality of life for so many people. I would like to share these ideas for a sustainable wedding.

  • Buy or contract ecological services and sustainable economy.
  • Choose a specific cause with a tangible goal, such as paying for a dining room for 100 children for one year.
  • Donations to humanitarian organizations at the national or international level.

Fair Trade Items

As a gesture of gratitude to your guests you can give them the solidarity products of the Fair Trade. They can be detallit is like tea, oil, coffee and chocolate. Practical gifts where you collaborate in the emerging economy while respecting the rights of production and sale. Invitation cards can also be charitable and help a cause. Another association that offers responsible products is We are ideal free

If you prefer an international organization like Unicef where you can choose what type of donation, in exchange for a card to give and show the project to your guests: Unicef ​​Weddings Store

Environmental causes and nature conservation

It is a good time to raise awareness about caring for the environment by inspiring and informing. An original gift can be a tree. Or choose detallen and cards in the Greenpeace online store. Or donate directly to a cause like the fight against plastic pollution in nature at WWF

Treedom It is a platform that finances and provides assistance to farmers. They help to form sustainable ecosystems. They give you the possibility of giving trees, an action that will last over time.

ideas ideas for a sustainable wedding
Photography by Juanmi Alemany

Social help

One for all, all for one. We are experiencing a public health crisis that affects all countries. It is in this sector that collaboration is most needed to protect the most vulnerable people from the Coronavirus. The social and humanitarian aid of Doctors without Border y The Red Cross It's fundamental. These are in charge of the assistance and medical supplies. You can also collaborate with farmamundi which distributes medicines and medical equipment where it is most needed.

Photograph by Eduardo Blanco

Protection of children's rights 

Children's Villages is an association for unprotected children in Spain. Childs rights is an organization that works to welcome children from the calle of North India, has three centers in Khajuraho and Jaipur. This association has its headquarters in Spain, it is tiny but it does great things. Another great association that work for children is Help in Action

Photograph by Edoardo Agresti

In recent years this new modality has increased in weddings. We cannot change the world but we can do things for the common good, it is an opportunity to share good intentions with the rest of the guests. Your wedding will be an example to follow, in this life everything turns. Making others happy is an act of love.

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