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30 Photographs of Pets at Weddings

Posted by: Florence on April 29, 2022
Pedro Marin

The best friends can not miss

Domestic pets are faithful observers of our actions. Are allí every day with his unconditional presence, are thosecompanions who fill our hearts with small daily situations.

Those who have or have had animals at home know how they perceive changes and family movements. Pets feel that something important is going to happen.How is it possible to leave them out on the day of the wedding.

The most common pets for coexistence are dogs and cats. As can be seen in the following photos, some of them are active, attentive and respectful participants with their masters. Other animals are occasional witnesses and participants such as the caballor, great attraction impossible not to photograph.

We have made this gallery thinking of all animal lovers. Some couples think so much of them that they have made their own wedding suits to rise to the occasion.

Marc Prades
Pasquale Minniti
Marga Marti
Antonio Montesinos
Bris lemant
Miguel Onieva
Jose Ignacio Ruiz – Photoinstantes
Alberto Ramírez – Life&Love
Daniel de García
Marc Prades
Elisabeth Perez
Marcos Greiz
Pedro Alvarez
Jose Ignacio Ruiz Photo instants
Fran Solana
Jorge Elisburu
Joseph Talamantes
Pedro Alvarez
Fran Ortiz
Pedro Alvarez
Claudio P Photographer
Sergio Arnés
Fran Ortiz
Hey Aso
Alberto Guinea
Michelangelo Muniesa
Pasquale Minniti
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