your wedding and the coronavirus Your Wedding and the coronavirus
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Posted by: admin on April 25, 2020

Love does not disappear, on the contrary it grows

With the arrival of the coronavirus the desire to marry does not change but from now on the ceremonies did change. We know that hundreds of weddings have been postponed and canceled in the past month and it is not yet known when the celebrations will be allowed again.

Photo by Jordi Mora

Photo by: Jordi Mora

We think of all the couples who are planning to get married this year 2020, and they are wondering What to do? We want to help them make the best decisions and eventually plan their wedding dates again.

We are waiting for new regulations to meet security requirements, it is possible that the dates, spaces and times in weddings are different. It is not ideal but we all know that it is now necessary to make some sacrifice for the common good.

As professionals we depend on the atypical circumstances that are occurring, it is foreseeable that the dates, spaces and times in weddings will be different. We are ready to honestly adapt to future changes.

From the group we work to guarantee to all couples, that the contracted photographic services will be postponed or re-programmed without over inadequate costs. Colleagues are committed to finding the best solution for everyone.

Also in the event that a couple has contracted with a photographer and having changed the date this is not available. In the group there are hundreds of photographers and you can check availability easily at this link.


Deferring is better than canceling

Let's be optimistic, all couples have the right to celebrate their love, weddings will have to be reinvented, they will be more intimate and with fewer people, but they will always continue to be weddings.

We don't know when but we do know that we will get out of this situation. The positive results of the measures adopted are already being seen. For example in China once the quarantine is over, so many weddings begin to be celebrated, the illusion and love do not change.



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We hope that no couple decides to cancel their wedding. As complicated as it may seem it is always possible to find a solution!

The photographers of the group are available to help couples solve problems. Do not be discouraged!

And remember, all the sacrifices you make are not just for you, they are for them ...


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