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Summary Connecting Zaragoza Trailer

Posted by: admin on November 29 2021

Summary of the meeting of the FdB collective
We create a space where we inspire each other with the help of great professionals.

After a year, we can finally get back together personally and we are going to have a great time. As in previous meetings we aim to develop the different aspects of wedding photography.


This time we have the participation of Denise Motz from the Netherlands. Current winner of the title of photographer of the year 2020 in the category individual photos. Denise's sensitivity is capable of seeing small details that are part of a story. Without a doubt, his presentation will mark a before and after. She is a Nikon brand ambassador.

Andreu Doz Wedding photographer with a unique journey. After completing a master's degree in photography in London, he came across weddings by chance and since then it has been a love story. With more than 9 years of experience and 37 FdB awards won in recent years, Andreu shows creativity and sensitivity in his images. His presentation is titled: How to become an empowered photographer.

The presentations and our content are to inspire, motivate and surpass yourself. In good company you can learn more. That is why we organize the work tables with Pili Ro, an expert and efficient in financial management. He will form working groups to teach us how to stimulate ourselves in groups.

Another photographer who joins the poster is Sergio Arnés. It is a real pleasure to announce the participation of this professional who stands out for the constant use of color for expressive purposes in his wedding photography. Many define their work as energetic, happy and positive. He will give a talk focused on the concept of color and emotion, sharing his vision and his way of using light.

We are honored to announce the participation of Mauricio Arias, a great photographer recognized in the world for his creativity and daring. Mauricio comes from the hand of Graphistudio with a Keynote on Longevity in the photographic industry. To help us, he will talk about photography and business model, upselling and diversification. He will share tricks and strategies used by large international studios such as Chrisman Studios of which he is a part.

Photos taken by Sergio Arnés during the Shooting:

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