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Summary CONNECTING Granada

Posted by: admin on October 22, 2021
connecting grenade

A long awaited event

We have finally returned to the rodeo, we had a restrained desire to have a physical encounter. Due to the pandemic situation that we have experienced, it was not possible. The previous year and this 2021 we have proposed two virtual events, as they have been great it was not the same as seeing each other and sharing in person. We want to thank all the colleagues, speakers and sponsors who were with us in Granada

The FdB collective has been organizing training events for photographers since 2016. Four years in a row in Valencia with the CONECTA event lasting three days plus a first one-day CONNECTING event in Madrid in 2019. During these years we had the honor of listening to true icons of photography such as Cristina Garcia Rodero.

This is the first station of our tour, as we had promised to travel and visit different parts of Spain, we start with the south and then the next destination will be north in Saragossa.

The first presentation was from Fran Ortiz, expert in breaking the ice with his enthusiasm. He is a photographer originally from Granada who knows how to inspire and generate joy for both couples and his companions. The title of his presentation was "While there are alternatives, there is hope." Fran is a 100% creative photographer, first hand we have seen him in action in the post-wedding session.

José Ignacio Ruiz, title winner Wedding Story 2021, gave us a keynote presentation on the story of a wedding. Jose's sensitivity is seen in the situations and details that only he can see. He is a master at telling stories with his photographs, he transmitted his way and way of working to us, he has shared his tricks to select the best photos.

Another great photographer from Granada, White angel, has told us about his experience of how to manage the workflow between colleagues. Competition can be our ally. Our companions are not always enemies. On the contrary, he taught us his strategy so that everyone has more benefits and each one can achieve their objectives. He has provided practical advice that photographers can use to reach more and better clients in their area.


Also on this occasion we had the opportunity to participate in a Live Shooting session led by two eclectic and creative photographers such as Fran Ortiz and Ángel Blanco. This has been one of the parts with the most practical inspiration, thanks also to a fabulous newlywed couple who have collaborated to create high-impact photographs.

The event took place at the Hotel Boabdil from Granada, a space with all the comforts and where we also share lunch, coffee break and food. The place has been perfect for the event and the staff has been friendly and attentive at all times.

White Angel doing his magic

At the closing of the event Pili Ro de Valencia has directed work tables in which the attendees have been able to contribute their solutions to common problems. By exchanging opinions and points of view, the participants have had the opportunity to learn from each other in the full spirit of fellowship that has distinguished CONECTA meetings from the beginning.

A hybrid event

This was the first event that we held in a face-to-face format and at the same time in a Virtual version. Photographers who could not come in person have had the opportunity to view the presentations from home. We are convinced that this modality offers a new way to participate remotely.

We appreciate the participation of Mauricio Arias with Graphistudio like the support of Fujifilm, Pendrivesparafotografos, and Straps Nano de La Rosa, who participated bringing their products to the disposal of photographers to see and try. Thanks also to Arcadina for supporting the event.

It has been really exciting to feel the energy of the community of photographers again. The passion that unites us and strengthens us as a collective.

Pili Ro at the Work Tables
Mauricio Arias in connection from Italy, in the facilities of Graphistudio

In the coming months we will continue to carry out new CONNECTING events in different locations in Spain and perhaps not only ... if you are interested in staying as long as possible, follow the FdB collective On Instagram and our Facebook page and if you want to receive information directly in your email fill out the form:


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