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Market survey results 2019

Posted by: admin on September 26, 2022

There are not many references on the internet about average prices and survey of wedding photographers. Besides some other information without much foundation it is not easy to find reliable data. Knowing the state of the market to be able to make decisions is important and from the FdB collective we want to help photographers and couples in this regard.

In the month of August 2019 we have carried out a survey of wedding photographers among the more than 400 professionals of our group. The purpose of the survey is to learn more about the current market situation in Spain. Today we publish this data in anticipation of a new survey that we will carry out soon to update the data.

For this survey we ask the photographers of the group to participate anonymously. We receive a total of 172 answers by professional photographers from different communities. The questions have also been raised to understand which factors have a greater impact on the prices of photographers.

Starting from the basis that today wedding reports are undervalued and crossing the data collected, we reach a series of conclusions:

  • The average price for a ten-hour report with digital delivery is 1300 euros
  • There are variations in the different communities of Spain although not very large
  • The photographers who invest the most in training are the same ones who offer their work at a higher price
  • Most photographers invest a lot in equipment and little in training.

Average price results by communities

Results in detail:

wedding photography survey in Spain 2019

In this first question we see how most photographers have increased their rates in 2019. This is a trend that is accompanied by better service and greater security for photographers with their work.

wedding photography survey in Spain 2019

In this question we can see how the average price of a wedding report is between €1000 and €1300 (without album). This figure includes the work on the day of the wedding plus the work of editing the photos.

survey wedding photography in Spain

In this other question we can see how there is a great variety among photographers in terms of the number of reports made per year. Between 5 and 20 we find the vast majority of responses but with a wide margin of difference.

wedding photography survey in Spain 2018
survey wedding photography in Spain

In this question we see how the investment of photographers is high in terms of cameras and equipment. More than 40% of those surveyed answered that they invest more than €2.000 a year in this aspect.

survey wedding photography in Spain

This last question shows how most photographers spend a relatively smaller amount on training. Only 8% of those surveyed answered having invested more than 1500 euros in training, while more than 40% did not reach 500 euros. These data should make us reflect on the opportunities of greater investment in training compared to investment in equipment.

If you are a wedding photographer, you may be interested in registering in the collective to participate in all the training activities that we carry out. You have all the information in this link.

If you are a Bride or a Groom, from the FdB collective we want to help you find the perfect photographer for you. Follow this link to know how.


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