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Photographer of the Year 2020: Jose Ignacio Ruiz

Posted by: admin on June 9, 2021

The FdB AWARDS contest in recent years has grown across borders at an international level. And for six years it has been holding this contest that consists of four rounds a year. In each round, three great photographers from different countries participate as judges, those in charge of selecting the winning photographs.

Last year we launched a new category: "Wedding Story" 

In this challenge, the photographer must demonstrate not only his technical ability, but also his capacity for synthesis and narrative with only 20 photographs, which he believes are the best and representative of the same wedding.

The winner of the Wedding Story category in the year 2020 is José Ignacio Ruiz (Photoinstants) renowned wedding photographer who lives and works in Madrid. Nobody like him knows how to tell us stories through his sensitive gaze. 

Jose Ignacio Ruiz

Jose Ignacio He is a tireless photographer who loves what he does, through his photographs we discover a gentle world seen from his perspective. He tells us his stories with delicacy and strong colors, he knows where to be to portray another side of people. Whoever his protagonist is, he knows how to catch the beauty of the moment. His natural and spontaneous style comes from his experience as a photojournalist. 

As a photographer he knows perfectly how to capture the moments more exciting up close. The photographic narrative is subtle, full of details that bring us closer to the particular characters of a wedding and how they live that day. As if it were a theater, he is there as an invisible observer to immortalize the best or worst gestures. It is an honor that Jose Ignacio Ruiz is the first photo narrator of the collective FdB

Award-winning reports (Wedding Story)

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Fani and Pelayo's wedding

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