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Photographer of the year 2016: Johhny García

Posted by: admin on October 22, 2016

We are now in the second year of the wedding photography contest that we organize on the portal. Great professionals from all over Spain have participated in it and have given us great photographs with which we enjoy and delight in seeing them. The purpose of the contest is to reward the talent and effort that each professional puts behind each photograph and, as every year, we like to award the title of photographer of the year to the professional with the highest number of awarded photos during the year. And we have the pleasure of giving it to Johnny García from Extremadura this year and he has accumulated a total of 9 awards.

This 2016 we have continued to celebrate three rounds of the FdB awards, if you want to see the winning photographs in the following link ( all the photos in this link) and you can also see
the ranking of most awarded photographers in 2016

We also want to thank our jury from here, which is made up of great internationally recognized wedding photographers, without them none of this would be possible. Pedro Etura (Spain) Andrea Giraldo (Spain) Todd Lafler (USA) Pedro Cabrera (Spain) Daniel Aguilar (Mexico) Daniele Vertelli (Italy) Michel Quijorna (Spain) Yure Richard (Brazil) Roberto Panciatici (Italy)


Name: Johnny Garcia | Website | Location: Estremadura


Where do you live?



I live in Hervás, a wonderful town north of Cáceres, Extremadura.

Have you always dedicated yourself to wedding photography? 

I have been dedicated to wedding photography since 2000, which I launched as a professional and opened my studio.


Why did you decide to become a wedding photographer?


Well, at the beginning, by inertia, as every photographer did all weddings, fashion, advertising, press ... the passing of the years was taking its toll on me and I went through a crisis of creativity and of always doing more or less the same, in that crisis I I found companions through who made me see that different things could be done, fresher things, in short that it could be seen in a different way. From that moment everything changed and I realized that wedding photography is what I want to do, that it is my passion and is part of me. Being given the opportunity to be with your camera in one of the happiest moments of a couple is a privilege that I will always thank all the people who trust and trust me. 

What are the most important elements of a good photograph?
Light, moment and composition.


How would you define your wedding photography style?


I try to make the wedding day as natural as possible, trying not to intervene and go unnoticed so that my photography is more documentary, and as for the couple's photos I try to mix naturalness with artistic creativity.


You like to travel? What countries and cities have you visited?      


Ufff I love it, traveling is great to know other cultures, learn and enjoy, the bad thing is that many times due to lack of time I cannot do it. Well, I know something about Cuba, Portugal, Belgium, France, Tunisia, Greece,… but I really want to know many more wonderful places inside and outside of Spain.



How do you maintain the motivation and freshness of your photographs?



Learning and experimenting day by day.
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