2020 Photographer of the Year Denise Motz
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2020 Photographer of the Year Denise Motz

Posted by: admin on June 9, 2021

The FdB collective began as a small group in Spain, and in recent years it has grown across borders internationally. And for 6 years it has been celebrating the FdB AWARDS, an important contest that consists of four rounds. In each round, 3 great photographers from different countries participate as judges, in charge of selecting the winning photographs.

The Dutch photographer, Denise Motz, was chosen as the best photographer of the year 2020. From the first round she demonstrated a minimalist and documentary style. In most of her photographs the characters are portrayed naturally as if she were not there. She knows how to go unnoticed to steal people's most emotional moments. 

The photographs she takes convey freshness to us and surprise us with simple, everyday situations that she discovers as an observer. His sensitive and safe gaze tells us a different and close vision of weddings.

We are proud to acknowledge that in recent years the participation and level of women has risen. Denise is the first woman to win the title. It is an honor that she is the great ambassador of Wedding Photographers 2020 in the world.

Year after year the contest FdB AWARDS it has been gaining ground. Each round is a new challenge, the judges change. The contest is a game, those who participate know that they can win or lose. But taking the risk can be worth it, it is not only the satisfaction of winning but of confronting other teammates and making yourself known on another plane. You have to have the courage to participate in a contest, you know that you will be exposed and your work may or may not be liked.

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