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FdB Awards 2020

Posted by: admin on November 16 2020

The FdB Awards contest has been held since 2015 to value the talent and quality of wedding photographers. It is one of the most prestigious competitions in Europe for the quality of the judges and the modalities of participation.

In 2020, 4 rounds have been prepared, one every 3 months.


Round 18 Judges

Maira Erlich (Brazil)
Benjamin Brette (France)
Giuseppe Genovese (Italy)

Round 19 Judges

Melissa Suneson (Mexico)
Jorge Romero (Mexico)
Samo Rovan (Slovenia)

Round 20 Judges

Mika Alvarez (Uruguay)
Natan Sans (Spain)
Katrin Kullemberg (Germany)

Round 21 Judges

Rianne Hogewoning (Netherlands)
Jorge Sastre (Spain)
Tünde Koncsol (Hungary)

The results of the FdB Awards 2020 contest, live broadcast on Virtual CONECTA.

Category individual photos:

First place: Denise Motz
Second place: Miguel Bolaños
Third place: Pedro Alvarez
Fourth Place: Wellinton Fugisse y Andreu Doz
Fifth place: Jose Ignacio Ruiz
Sixth Place: Fraco Photo, Noelia Ferrera, Marina Carell, Elena Galán, Betariz Bernal

Wedding Story Category:

First Place: Jose Ignacio Ruiz- 15
Second Place: Miguel Bolaños 13
Third Place: Andreu Doz Photography 9
Fourth Place: Miguel Angel Muniesa 4
Fifth Place: Wellington Fugisse 3
Fifth Place: Marta Monés 3
Fifth Place: Pedro Alvarez 3
Fifth Place: Monsa Producciones 3


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