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ConectaMadrid 2022

Posted by: admin on 30 July 2022

A party and a meeting for Wedding Photographers with a desire to learn

This September you have an appointment with training and good vibes. We have organized a new training event for wedding photographers. A day of talks, shootings and conferences that will end with a good party. To celebrate together the return of the weddings and continue improving in our work.

The theme of this meeting will be the party, The Party. The talks, shooting and conferences will focus on how to get the most out of it (photographically) after the open bar. Have you always wanted to improve your dance images and make them have an impact? Ralf Czogallic is a master in this field. You will learn how to work the light with separate camera flashes to get incredible photos of the party. We will see the techniques used by the masters and learn to use the best tools. 

Ralf Czogallik is an international wedding photographer based in the Netherlands. He winner of several international awards including 26 Fearless Awards. He has been giving training workshops specializing in off-camera Flash techniques for over ten years.

His photography is characterized by meticulous technique, careful use of flashes and wide angles, and a passion for strong colors. 

Daring, dreamy and creative: Marina Carell is a brave wedding photographer, with endless experience and recognition for her work. Her style is characterized by strong and elegant images that convey emotions by playing with the frames.

Marina is clear and direct, like her photographs. For this reason, she is the perfect person to give personalized advice on how to improve our images. In Madrid you will have the opportunity to listen to Marina's criticism and correct your mistakes without thinking about it.

In addition, Marina will share with us her way of working during the banquet and the party. Ideas and tricks to get photographs that communicate directly. No hair on the tongue.

And to close the poster we have a special guest who comes from the Canary Islands, Pedro Alvarez. He is a great photographer and a great person, from whom he always learns. Pedro's photography has reached the International Top, recognized for his personal and close style that he transmits in each image. His presentations have crossed the continent showing that he also knows how to transmit his knowledge and give himself passionately to what he does.

En cada Conectando we continue to invest in improving work management in all its aspects. Pili Ro, reminds us that we can not only take better photos but also manage the economy effectively. Pili is an expert who will be available to clear up your doubts and not curse the Rent every quarter. She also she will form Work tables to teach us how to stimulate ourselves and grow in a group.

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